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Mortar Tower

   I decide to add a page on my site showing what I am working on now. My hope is to keep this page updated weekly at least.

   I started the Mortar tower a few weeks ago during my lunch breaks at work. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but kind of built it as I went. When I started the design I knew I wanted an asymmetrical design for the tower. I wanted to keep it interesting to look at from any angle. Overall I am happy with the way the silhouette of the tower turned out.



  Once I got on to the textures things got a little more difficult for me. I struggled early on with the overall colors and materials I wanted for the tower. This is where having a decent concept would have helped me a lot. After a few color tests and rough textures I started getting something that I liked. My first attempt I was using gold for my main metal color, but as I got more textures on the gold started making the overall structure get a little to busy I felt. I decide to go with a more basic metal color and I think that it reads mcuh better now overall. I still need to push the values more, because I dont have the contrast where I want it yet. However I think things are moving in the right direction. Here are a few shots of where I am on the tower now, and some of the textures. the textures still need a lot more polish and some parts need to be finished.





Some of the textures so far.


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