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Mortar Tower Update 7/13

Got some more done on the mid section this week, and blocked out a few other areas. I also added some more geometry to the furnace, and decided to give that its own texture. Figure it was on of the main features of the tower, so I want it to look good.

  I am starting to get close to the part where I need to start figuring out all the texture details. I tried a few different designs on the main door, but I could not get anything that I liked yet. I may try and see if changing it to some type of gate will work better. Also been starting to think of what I want with the shield, those are going to be one of the main focal points of the tower, so I really need to figure out how they will look soon.

Still lots of texture work and overall design left to do, but I am pretty happy with the direction its going so far. I think I will still take the wood and metal down a little darker. I should get some better contrast through the entire tower with the dark wood and metal aginst the lighter stone areas.

The texture for the mid section so far. Still needs a lot more polish and detail.

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