Started working on a new asset the other day. Right now I have the High Poly done in Zbrush.  and I will start getting the Low Poly set up next. I would like to get a few more examples of plants and terrain textures up aftet this one as well.


Mortar Tower Update 7/19

This week I was able to get some more areas blocked out and detailed.


Blocked out the furnace area and added some detail on that. I think I am happy with the direction that is going in so far, but I want to work on the chimney part more. I think I would like to add some kind of vertical details on them.Think they may need to be a bit darker as well.


I also reworked the front door and changed it to more of a gate. I think I like that better, but it still needs more work. I was thinking maybe some kind of symbol in the center of it. Other then that just more texture detailing

This maybe the last update for the month, getting ready to move. I will be looking forward to getting back on it after I get setteled back in, still having a lot of fun with it.



Mortar Tower Update 7/13

Got some more done on the mid section this week, and blocked out a few other areas. I also added some more geometry to the furnace, and decided to give that its own texture. Figure it was on of the main features of the tower, so I want it to look good.

  I am starting to get close to the part where I need to start figuring out all the texture details. I tried a few different designs on the main door, but I could not get anything that I liked yet. I may try and see if changing it to some type of gate will work better. Also been starting to think of what I want with the shield, those are going to be one of the main focal points of the tower, so I really need to figure out how they will look soon.

Still lots of texture work and overall design left to do, but I am pretty happy with the direction its going so far. I think I will still take the wood and metal down a little darker. I should get some better contrast through the entire tower with the dark wood and metal aginst the lighter stone areas.

The texture for the mid section so far. Still needs a lot more polish and detail.


Mortar Tower

   I decide to add a page on my site showing what I am working on now. My hope is to keep this page updated weekly at least.

   I started the Mortar tower a few weeks ago during my lunch breaks at work. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but kind of built it as I went. When I started the design I knew I wanted an asymmetrical design for the tower. I wanted to keep it interesting to look at from any angle. Overall I am happy with the way the silhouette of the tower turned out.



  Once I got on to the textures things got a little more difficult for me. I struggled early on with the overall colors and materials I wanted for the tower. This is where having a decent concept would have helped me a lot. After a few color tests and rough textures I started getting something that I liked. My first attempt I was using gold for my main metal color, but as I got more textures on the gold started making the overall structure get a little to busy I felt. I decide to go with a more basic metal color and I think that it reads mcuh better now overall. I still need to push the values more, because I dont have the contrast where I want it yet. However I think things are moving in the right direction. Here are a few shots of where I am on the tower now, and some of the textures. the textures still need a lot more polish and some parts need to be finished.





Some of the textures so far.